In My Opinion: Trap Artists (2 Chainz)

30 Aug

2 Chainz is quickly becoming the most hotly debated breakthrough in Hip-Hop.

Like many other trap rappers, 2 Chainz has managed to divide camps and is either loved or hated by fans of the genre. Some claim he is talentless and bad for Hip-Hop, others help his debut album to reach number 1. Personally, I’m on both sides.

Trap music is often criticised for its often simple lyrics, bland rhyme patterns and cliché subject matter and 2 Chainz is no different in this respect. On his latest release, the Georgia native raps “All I want for my birthday, is a big booty hoe”, which lyrically, is a terrible line. But that’s okay.

Trap rappers aren’t out to take Common’s “Conscious Rapper” title. They aren’t out to tell stories like Nas. And they certainly aren’t out to challenge Jiggaman for the throne. What they are out to do, is say a bunch of catchy bullshit we try our hardest to get out of our heads but never quite manage it.

But even so, 2 Chainz has been winning. With a number 1 album following a strong mixtape, feautres coming out of his ears and arguably the hottest verse, on one of the hottest Hip-Hop songs of the year, it’s hard to argue that 2 Chainz is talentless. Trap rappers are masters of catchy lyrics and believe it or not, writing catchy songs is a legitimate skill.

If some of these trap artists decided to write for pop stars they’d be loaded. Justin Bieber – I Luve Them Strippers (written by 2 Chainz) would fly off the shelves.

The real problem with trap, is when outsiders try their hand at it. Even when they do it well, to me it just seems wrong and out-of-place. For example, even though I respect trap artists’ craft, I can’t help but think Birthday Song is beneath Kanye. Kanye ‘ridin’ thru a hood’ in a video ‘full o’ stripper booty’ is like Lil Wayne on a skateboard… Wait.

But regardless if you think trap rap is good for Hip-Hop or not, you’ve probably sang along to Chief Keef in a club and that’s all that matters.

I admit 2 Chainz isn’t a gifted lyricist but I really don’t think it matters. What matters is whenever I hear “2 Chaaaainz”, I turn it up.

Watch the master at work:




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