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In My Opinion: Mixtapes

30 Jun

I woke up today, to the US and UK trending topic #BestMixtapesEver and I thought… Easy. Frank Ocean – Nostalgia Ultra and Kid Cudi – A Kid Named Cudi. But before I could finish the tweet, another 2 mixtapes came to mind – Hodgy’s Untitled EP and J. Cole Friday Night Lights. But then I felt I couldn’t leave out J. Cole’s other mixtapes and then even more artists came to mind. Before I knew it, I had run out of space.

Click for my full list #BestMixtapesEver

It all got me thinking about just how strong a mixtape can be and how important they are to music in a day where just about anything can be downloaded for free.

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30 Jun

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Song of the Day: The Dream ft. Pusha T

28 Jun

By no means new, but this catchy Pusha T assisted tune is definitely a contender for song of the summer.

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Childish Gambino – One Up

27 Jun

Childish Gambino (a.k.a Donald Glover) continues to prove himself as a rapper. The stand up comedian, who won a Writers Guild of America Award for his work on NBC’s 30 Rock, dropped “One Up” during US radio show, Sway in the Morning. Continue reading

In My Opinion: The future of Hip-Hop

27 Jun

Hip-Hop isn’t dead. The torch is brighter now than it has been for years and young, exciting artists like A$AP Rocky, Meek, Big Sean and Earl look to keep that flame burning for a long time. And every one of those acts have one thing in common, a team. Continue reading

Song of the Day: Hodgy Beats – Fordabitches

27 Jun

Hodgy Beats is on point again with soulful tune. The often overlooked Odd Future rapper impresses over the instrumental for D’Angelo’s “Alright”.

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Lupe Fiasco – Bitch Bad

26 Jun


New concious track from Lupe from the upcoming FOOD & LIQUOR 2: The Great American Rap Album PT.1 set to be released on 25th September.

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